24 Jan 2013

Vintage cherubs for DIY Valentine's Day cards

Cute cherub with watering  can gardening hearts - vintage clipart for Valentine's Day card 

Two little cherubs on the sofa - vintage clipart for Valentine's Day card

Cherubs under the pigeon house - vintage clipart for Valentine's Day card

Those illustrations with cute vintage cherubs and angels are ready to be on your Valentine's Day DIY card. All there left to do is to add your love message. Valentine's Day cards may look more interesting, if you colorize this vintage illustrations or add old paper background, like I did.

Cherub sowing the seeds of love - vintage Valentine's Day card

Enjoy and have a happy Valentine's day full of LOVE!

23 Jan 2013

Valentine's Day Cherubs - free vintage clipart

There are couple of weeks before Valentine's Day and it's time to prepare gifts for your loved ones. This cute vintage cherubs can look great both on cards and gift tags.

Vintage angel clipart

Vintage cherub clipart

Antique cherub free clipart

15 Jan 2013

Free calligraphic ornaments

One of this two vintage calligraphic ornaments can be perfect for your personal stationary or wedding invitation. Both files are saved as JPEG with white background, so you can easily use it in your DIY projects or scrapbooking. If you are looking for vector file, you can find it here with some more decorative elements.

How to download: click on image you want to download, it will be opened in a new window, right click on it to save on your computer.
Free printable wedding invitation template

9 Nov 2012

Poinsettia vintage free clip art

Poinsettia is one of the most associated plants with Christmas in North America. It's Christmas history began in Mexico in 16 century. According to the legend, one poor girl had nothing else to bring to a church as a gift to celebrate Jesus birthday, except wild weeds. But miracle happened and crimson flower sprouted from the weeds. In Mexico Poinsettia is called "La Flor de la Nochebuena", which means Flower of the Christmas Eve or Flower of the Holy Night. But common english name "Poinsettia" came from the name of the the first United States Minister to Mexico, Joel Roberts Poinsett. In 1825 he was the first who brought this plant into the United States.

And here I have some lovely Poinsettia vintage clip art ready for your Christmas DIY or scrapbooking projects.

Poinsettia - Christmas vintage clipart

Poinsettia - Christmas vintage clipart

Cute little girl holding Poinsettia flower - Christmas vintage clipart

1 Nov 2012

Vintage Santa Claus clipart

There is no Christmas without Santa. Here you have 3 different Santas from vintage Christmas postcards and they are ready to be part of you modern Christmas cards.

Vintage Santa Claus clipart

Santa in the car - vintage Christmas clipart

Vintage Santa with presents and Christmas tree

23 Oct 2012

Vacuum flask (Thermos) free vintage clip art

I think that in many countries have already become cold (but not in Israel, I still enjoy sun and sea :-) ), so I hope this vintage Thermos clip art would warm up your soul.

Vintage vacuum flask (Termos) free clip art

More than 100 years ago Thermos used to be called a Dewar flask or Dewar bottle after its inventor  Scottish physicist and chemist Sir James Dewar. He invented it in 1892, but in 1904 lost a court case in claiming the rights to the invention to German company, Thermos GmbH, who started commertial production of vacuum flasks by the brand name "Thermos".

14 Oct 2012

Retro photo camera clip art

One more of my vintage illustrations: this time shabby-looking old fashioned retro photo camera. Illustration is based on my father's old Fujifilm finepix x100 camera. I had never used  this camera, I prefer instant digital photos. I can't imaging paying on each and every photo, just to see it. But I like vintage things and vintage clip art and I enjoy to share my finds. 

So, be my guest, download and feel free to use it in any of your craft projects. If you prefer vector, this retro camera vector clip art can be found here.

retro shabby photo camera clip art
retro photo camera clip art

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